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Chemical Peels


Skintech Chemical Peels are a highly effective way of rejuvenating the skin.  They are well tolerated by all skin types and give excellent results.  They are used to improve a number of skin conditions including:


Fine lines and wrinkles

Sun damage



Aging skin

Smokers skin


Skintech Easy Phytic Peel


A Skintech Easy Phytic Peel is a mild self neutralising peel that works on the intraepidermal layer of the skin. A combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Phytic acid combine to provide progressive and controlled penetration without any obvious signs of peeling or flaking.  It is an efficient treatment with minimal side effects. 


Once the Easy Phytic Peel has been applied an appropriate skintech aftercare cream is applied and should not be washed off until the following morning.  This ensures the slow release chemical continues to penetrate the skin. 


Skin will feel smoother, softer and rejuvenated.


Skintech TCA Peel


A Skintech TCA Peel is a mid depth Peel that works on the basil layer and Grenz zone of the skin.  Trichloracetic Acid (TCA) penetrates the skin at a deeper level.  A TCA peel can be used on all types of skin. 


Your skin may flake or peel after approximately 3-5 days and any areas of pigmentation (dark patches) may appear darker at first before gradually lightening. Redness may be present initially.  Not everyone however shed skin or react in the same way. 


Following a TCA peel skin will be smoother, lines and wrinkle are diminished and acne and blemishes are decreased.  Skin discolorations and sun damage is reduced and a more even skin tone is achieved.


Skin will be improved following one Skintech peel however for certain skin conditions and for maximum results a course of 4 peels is recommended.


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